PRIMAVERA Instrumental Duo

The PRIMAVERA duo has existed for three years already. It is a combination of two musical talents - Anna-Maria Lopushanskaya (flute) and Christina Gonchar (harp). The two musicians will make you dip into the world of romanticism and will get you acquainted with the masterpieces written by Saint-Saëns, Donizetti, Bach, Glazunov, Williams, and other composers.

With complete mastery of their ancient poetic instruments, they perform original pieces of different time periods, various transcriptions and modern compositions, for instance, the themes from Skyfall, Shindler’s List and Game of Thrones. The flute and the harp also make war songs, dance and children’s music sound in a new way. A special place in the diverse repertoire is devoted to French music which is rarely performed by other artists. The musicians wear bright, exquisite costumes which create a holiday atmosphere.

The PRIMAVERA ensemble is a laureate of the International contest of performing skills “Igrayem Slonimskogo”(“We play Slonimskiy’’), the International contest of children and youth arts “Okno v Yevropu” (The Window into Europe”) and is actively performing on tour in Russia and near-abroad countries. The rare romantic combination of flute and harp makes any chamber concert or big festival unforgettable. Private events, such as weddings and corporate parties, will be also remembered for a long time. The PRIMAVERA duo will lead you into the fantastic world of emotions and feelings and will make you experience the whole range of sensations which live music evokes.