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The current version is complete up until the first groping scene. After that there's a few scenes (taking her to the mall, a favor scene, and a repeatable groping scene) but by then you've seen the bulk of the content of v0.38. Patreon: Yes, like nearly every other porn game developer I, too, am up on Patreon. I'm using it for extra motivation.I still have a lot of secondary/optional content for Cohabitation I plan on adding in, plus refining its systems so that it isn't as much as a grind as it currently is, but having worked on it for over a year I want to move onto something new, so it'll become my B project that I'll continue to work on in the background. New public version: v0.85Cohabitation works on the fixed timeline of 36 weeks which represents your sophomore year in college. At the end of this timeline, the game ends regardless of where you are progress wise so each week is critical to the game progression (though you can be expelled before the end of the year if you mess up too badly).Public versions will always be full versions (no demos or cut content) but also a version behind what's available to Patrons. I have no problem answering questions or responding to feedback, so patron or not, if you have something you'd like to say or ask just leave a comment in the latest post or send me a PM and I'll try to respond. Cohabitation:Become a patron of Kerni today: Read 281 posts by Kerni and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.I got this from dardamex. I have a solution. Gimme a minute. Put this in the Cohabitationwwwimgsystem folder cohabitation dardamex patreon version. It's the missing file. Tested and it works. will zip and re-up. New version updated in OP! Cohabitation dardamex patreon version.

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